Premier Marketing Service

Reding Hueber Ag Consulting’s top of the line service for any size operation.

The Premier Marketing Service is a comprehensive approach to marketing that focuses on executing sales and managing opportunities around that position. Within the Premier Marketing Service, we strive to effectively use all of the tools available for marketing your grain.

Cash Contracting

Futures and options

Basis and spread management

Insurance-based strategies

As a Reding Hueber customer, you will gain exclusive access to the Reding Hueber Platform, proprietary news and market analysis, weather, along with complimentary 10 minute delayed futures quotes (real time quotes available at prevailing cost). The Reding Hueber Platform is designed to be accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. We strive to keep things short and to the point, with a clear message and call to action.

The Reding Hueber Platform has what you need, when you need it.

  • Direct-to-client market information and strategies authored by our team of experts.

  • 10 min delayed quotes, charts, and technical analysis tools.

  • Industry-leading weather center.

  • Market commentary from both agriculture and outside market specialists.

Our Process

At Reding Hueber decisions are based on data, technical analysis, and decades of industry experience. Additionally, we utilize input from computer-based algorithms for price ranges and probabilities, insuring you are marketing at a twenty-first century level. Our focus is on managing risk within a program that participates in the markets but does not create undue risk in the process.

Included with the Premier Marketing Service:

Exclusive access to the Reding Hueber Platform
All-encompassing information and strategy, authored by our leading team of experts
Personal advisor on hand to discuss strategies and execution based on your individual operation’s needs
Annual subscription to The Hueber Report
Daily brief, automated phone audio market updates
Daily and weekly updates featuring market news, commentary, technical and fundamental analysis